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Help make the lives of Colorado children safer.


No violence against children is justifiable. All violence against children is preventable. 

Colorado Children First is dedicated to protecting the caregivers of children through affordable legal advocacy and focusing on the training of judges and attorneys involved in cases involving the well-being of children. Our mission is to be accessible to victims of domestic abuse who are trying to protect their children.

We also seek to identify attorneys who are willing to offer affordable services to the parents or caregivers to are fighting on behalf of their child’s safety.  Our mission is to drastically increase awareness and knowledge of the dynamics of domestic violence amongst those in the position to decide a child’s custody.

The wellbeing of your family is our top priority.


SAFETY Should be affordable to all!

Currently, child hearsay laws prevent parents and guardians from presenting a child’s wishes to the court


To enhance the quality of legal services available to minors by raising public awareness and facilitating improvement in systems that serve children and families.


We are dedicated to improving the outcomes abused and neglected children face in the current court systems.

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We believe in a child's right to have a safe and meaningful existence. They have the right to be safe, to have a voice, and to trust in those serving them.


Family, freedom, trust and so much more.

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Our Focus

To identify protective caregivers who fear for their children's safety when not in their custody and match them with attorneys who are willing to provide affordable services.


Accessible services to victims of abuse and those trying to protect them.

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To create a network of attorneys who want to represent parents and children at affordable rates that the public can afford.


Building relationships with judicial leaders to increase support for training on domestic violence and protective parenting.

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Why Colorado Children First

The outcome of your child advocacy matter can be life-changing and, in some instances, a matter of life and death. That is why it is essential for your rights, and the rights of children must be protected. You can trust our team to fight vigilantly for every case we take on.

personalized approach

Every situation has a unique set of circumstances and needs that will require a carefully crafted approach. We will create and execute a plan tailored to the needs of you and your family.


We are with you through every step of the process as your attorney and motivator. We understand things can get difficult and are here to work through the issues and celebrate every victory with you. 

A PArt of our family

We are not just attorneys; we will become an extension of your family. After your case has been resolved, we will check in to ensure you are doing well, thriving, and looking forward to a life worth living. 

No violence against children is justifiable.
All violence against children is preventable. 

Please help us make the lives of
Colorado children safer​.

As a non-profit, we rely on you to be able to help advocate for children. CCF’s funding sources include private donations, federal and state contracts, grants from private foundations, and business sponsorship.