Our Sponsors

There is no greater warrior than a parent fighting to protect their child. By partnering with Colorado Children First, these individuals and organizations are assisting Colorado Children First and warrior parents in our charitable mission of advocating for the basic rights of children, including protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination, a safe meaningful relationship with both parents, protection from dangerous and neglectful parents and caregivers, expressing a preference in their own custody determinations, and an adequate standard of living. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Warrior Allies who donate over $2,500 receive the following recognition in exchange for their support.

    1. Recognition in COLORADO CHILDREN FIRST communications for the year
    2. Recognition in communications trainings and other events
    3. Inclusion of your organization’s information or swag in our training materials.
    4. Recognition on COLORADO CHILDREN FIRST website

Monthly Giving

Become a monthly CCF Champion today. Your monthly gift will change a child’s life through dependable support of COLORADO CHILDREN FIRST. Give today!

  • $100 / MONTH funds the entire cost of a legal representative for an endangered child.
  • $50 / MONTH funds legal representation for a protective parent
  • $20 / MONTH funds access to legal services for a low-income parent.