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At Colorado Children First:

We advocate for children. We are dedicated to ensuring that laws, policies, and programs work to their benefit. 

Help make the lives of Colorado children safer.


Our mission Explained

We have been established to advocate for the basic rights of children. Rights that all children should be granted, including but not limited to, protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and discrimination.  Protection from dangerous and neglectful parents and caregivers. An opportunity to express a preference in their own custody determinations, and an adequate standard of living, health care, education (including basic life skills and boundaries training), nutrition, and play​.

Objectives defined

Providing access to affordable legal representation for children’s protective caregivers and partnering with schools to increase awareness of at-risk factors while training legal practitioners on how to differentiate between alienation and protective parenting, battered partner syndrome, and abuser manipulation which includes the use of children to control the victim.

Our core values

We believe our clients should be able to count on us as advocates, allies, and friends. Our calling is to serve children, protect their rights, give them a voice, and provide whatever services we can to exercise those rights.  Our organization will be known for its honesty, high ethical standards and professionalism. We will serve all children regardless of religious beliefs, race, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation or gender identification.



When you donate, you will be helping children move forward in life and give them the chance they need to live a long, fruitful and happy life. 


If you are an attorney who would like to work for these children and their families at a discounted rate, please contact us directly. 


Donate resources such as office supplies, office space or anything that will help our organization run its day to day operations. 

The journey to safety and healing starts with communication.

Fighting to Secure a Better Future for the Children

Children are Colorado’s most precious asset, yet thousands are left at risk every day, some of them at the hands of the very institutions and government agencies charged with protecting them. We started Colorado Children First to be the first line of defense for those in need. We are deeply committed to fighting for children’s rights in Colorado and doing whatever it takes to ensure they receive the protection they are entitled to under the law.